Self-Study Computer Based Training (CBT) Video Courses

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Self-study CBT training courses enhance any individual’s place in the workforce. Everyone in today’s society carries more tasks on their plate, and not enough time to complete the list. Why not commence your advancing career plans at home, in a relaxing environment? Our multi-modal approach to CBT training software provides the necessary skills for you to become and remain competitive in the workforce, also giving you the edge in attaining the education and increased salary you desire. Affordable and convenient, our self-study computer video courses are an easy solution to begin your personal education, as effortless as sitting in your living room and making an online connection. Many of our computer training videos are created in High Definition, providing the viewer with a crisp, clear image filled with graphic demonstrations and explanations of the course material. Our computer based training videos are available for any operating system, any laptop or home system. Stop, start, rewind and continue controls allow the student to concentrate on critical areas of study until the subject material is understood.

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IT Certification CBT Training Videos

Our IT certification CBT training gives you several benefits of becoming a certified professional, including better promotion opportunities, higher salaries and personal growth and recognition within your advancing career. The self-study CompTIA A+ CBT training course is a great step into learning the hardware side of IT, eventually moving into a network or enterprise administrator role. Cisco CCNA training videos prepare you to emerge as a certified network or security expert, placing you in the forefront of hiring managers seeking your superior capabilities. Decide which one of our IT certification CBT video training courses will be the one to evolve your career path to greater potentials ahead.

IT CBT Training Videos

An IT CBT video training session validates your knowledge as someone who knows their way around the software and techniques that keeps an office flowing. If you are seeking to move your career forward at a rapid pace, our classes will help you achieve your goals. Cisco training using network devices, security, voice over IP fundamentals and quality of service are a small listing of the many courses we present. Microsoft CBT training as a server or enterprise administrator, a Systems Center manager or Windows training are a few of the ever growing classes in our collection. Browse our catalog and choose your IT CBT training path today.

Desktop CBT Training Courses

Our desktop CBT training leads the way in offering superior class material of the software applications used for office productivity. Every subject matter from Microsoft Office training videos, the new release of Windows 7, the upcoming Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, the recently released Apple Snow Leopard and other titles are now available. Designed to improve the technical proficiencies of your office staff, our portable self-study Microsoft Office training DVDs and other training titles can be studied at home, on lunch breaks or other times of personal availability. Utilize our desktop CBT training in Adobe, accounting software, Lotus Notes and other software treatments to increase efficiency and office awareness.

Soft Skills CBT Training Courses

Use our self-study Soft Skills CBT video training to satisfy your management needs. Covering topics ranging from anger management and business ethics to updated Sexual Harassment videos, conflict resolution and call center management, our Soft Skill CBT training video fulfills your online corporate training requirements. Other topics include decision making, managing performance and mentoring. When management skills develop and moves forward, employees take note, learn by example and follow suit, growing in the process. Executive leadership begins with a successfully delivered training solution. Provide your management team with classes necessary to handle stressful situations with our soft skills courseware today.


Our computer training online is very popular with professionals and students on the move. Whether at home, on the road or your favorite location to hang out and relax, viewing and catching up on your lessons with our self-study computer based training courses becomes a very easy process. Our continually expanding catalog of high quality courseware covers many, many topics and disciplines in the IT field. Desktop applications used in the home or office, IT certifications such as Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, CompTIA and others are at your fingertips. Other CBT video training software available for personal study and growth exist in soft skills management, IT training and custom developed courses. Whatever current requirements are in demand, our computer training videos will deliver the content enabling you to improve your technical abilities and promote your career. Obtain one of our computer training CDs and discover the advantage and simplicity of self teaching on your time schedule, in your own relaxing atmosphere.

Our self-study CBT training courses are conducted by world class instructors who double as consultants in the IT community. Their experience and professional expertise carries over into their lesson plans, benefiting the student eager to learn current modern strategies and marketable technical skills. Computer training CDs are part of our blended learning solution, a melding of various techniques designed to deliver a powerful training session, allowing the student to grasp the material and use the same procedures on the job. With several software revisions currently released to the public, our CBT training videos deliver the latest versions of Windows 7, the upcoming Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Windows Server among others. Don’t get caught left behind in your technical faculties and knowledge, lead the field with our computer training DVDs. Imagine the advantages of studying in the comfort of your home with one of our CBT training videos . . . no traffic, crowded classrooms or inclement weather AND you can pause the lesson, take a break, eat, stretch, put your feet up and resume the lesson when you are ready. Our computer training videos and other CDs, DVDs and CBTs in general give you complete control while satisfying your educational desires.

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