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Self-Study CompTIA A+ Certification Training Videos

Price: $399.00

Self-study CompTIA A+ CBT training videos detail the hardware, peripherals, operating system, networking, security and troubleshooting skills of a certified IT computer technician. Our comprehensive A+ CBT training course is designed to insure the student receives the specific materials, knowledge and troubleshooting techniques necessary to become a very successful, well respected technician. The CompTIA A+ training videos, taught by highly experienced, certified instructors explain every topic in a very understandable method, allowing the user to absorb every subject at a very high level.

CompTIA A+ Video Training Features:

  • Video sessions on DVD-ROMs featuring live instructor-led classroom sessions with full audio, video and demonstration components
  • Introducing the All-New Live Demonstrations where the instructor brings the physical components of the hardware to life
  • Focused on practical solutions to real-world development problems
  • Chapter review questions
  • Free 1 year upgrade policy

CompTIA A+ Exams Covered:

  • A+ Essentials 220-701
  • A+ IT Technician 220-702


Some of the subject matter on our CompTIA A+ training course begins with the various components of a hardware system, laptops, printers, their functions and the respective methods of installation and configuration. The A+ training videos moves forward with troubleshooting, repair and maintenance techniques of hardware, peripheral and operating system symptoms and reasons of failure. The great advantage of being able to self-study our A+ CBT training course is the benefit of starting, pausing and returning to your studies on your time frame. Not having enough time in the day or evening to physically attend a classroom, deal with traffic jams and other disadvantages magically disappear when you can sit in the comfort of your home and learn common preventative maintenance techniques.

Our A+ CBT training course on DVD gives you the same benefits as our videos, and the DVD is portable, lightweight and travels anywhere you take your laptop. Learning the contrast between the various Windows systems and their features is as easy as inserting the DVD, and continuing your CompTIA CBT training as the instructors explain user interfaces, utilities, and the basics of networking fundamentals, including technologies, devices and protocols. A very affordable CompTIA A+ training DVD becomes the perfect solution for individuals cross training into a new career. The basic principles of security concepts and technologies taught in our CompTIA A+ training videos can also lead to other possibilities in your career as a future network administrator. The potential of your livelihood and the direction you choose starts with one of our educational course materials.

Obtain one of our computer training videos in other areas, such as IT desktop applications, operating systems, network servers and a host of other financially rewarding occupation paths. Contact our knowledgeable representatives and discuss the potential career choices available, including our CompTIA A+ training videos.


CompTIA A+ 2009 Video CBT Training Features:


CompTIA A+ Training Course