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Self-study CBT training courses have become the chosen method of learning new information or continuing your education. Computer based classes and the inherent benefits far outweigh the alternatives. Traveling from work to class, fighting traffic, parking, no time for dinner, books to carry, uncomfortable seating . . . this is enjoyable? Instead, many individuals prefer a self-study CBT training course, utilized when their schedule permits. A comfortable setting, relaxing atmosphere, learn at your own pace, and sit in the luxury of your living room or favorite location. Feel like heading to the coffee shop? Take the laptop, insert a CD or DVD and put as much time as you desire into your lessons. No pressure, no stress.



Examine other advantages of our CBT training courses. Versatile, portable and lightweight, our lessons are taught by certified instructors possessing years of IT experience. Each and every self-study CBT training course contains self-assessments, quizzes, hands-on practice lab simulations, interactive video content and many more learning methods designed to help the student understand and absorb the class material efficiently. And who needs heavy books and reams of paper when you have a browser and an internet connection? Our CBT software training covers a multitude of options related to your career. Interested in IT certification? We offer CBT training courses from CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and others. Network security, wireless, voice over IP, server administration, databases, repair technician and project management are available.

The CBT software training also extends to desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office, Windows, Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, network training, and Oracle. We are committed to providing the best software solutions at an affordable price, delivering high quality, unparalleled content. The CBT training courses can be customized to your particular requirements. If you have a specialized software application or training request, we fulfill your expectations with complete satisfaction. Contact us and inquire about the most effective, comprehensive self-study CBT training course for your team or organization.