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Cisco’s CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician) certification is an entry level credential that addresses the need for qualified professionals who understand today’s modern Cisco TCP/IP networks. This certification is quite similar to the CompTIA Network+ certification with an emphasis on Cisco hardware. Earning the CCENT is the first solid step down the Cisco networking career path.

The Cisco CCENT training CD and the online Cisco CCENT training course deliver the skills you need to get certified using expert instructors and self-directed learning techniques. Not only will you learn from a certified instructor, you won’t have to set foot in a classroom! All learning takes place from your workstation, laptop, or PC.

The Cisco CCENT CBT installs in just minutes allowing you to begin your studies and work at your own pace. You’ll learn how networks function; what networks are composed of; the OSI model; switching operations and theory; TCP/IP addressing and routing; binary, decimal and hexadecimal numbering; IP subnetting; LAN, WAN and remote access services; advanced network theory; Cisco Internet Operating System; Catalyst switches and router configurations; network discovery; and much more.

Cisco CCENT computer based training blends instructor-led video sessions with interactive components including hands-on simulated labs and a practice exam simulation. In addition, printable courseware lets you print out the topics for offline studying.

If you prefer an online Cisco CCENT training course, you’ll enjoy the same terrific benefits as the Cisco CCENT CBT only you will be able to access the courseware from any Internet-connected computer. The online learning experience is ideal for people who use multiple computers and want the ability to study anywhere.

These virtual classroom formats allow you to learn from a qualified instructor without the hassles of going to night classes or traveling to another city for training. Simply log on and learn! You can’t possibly fall behind because you pick the pace and you can review any topic as often as you need.

oth the Cisco CCENT CBT and the online courseware prepare you for passing the CCENT certification exam as well as offer real-world networking techniques. You’ll be ready to pass and get to work as a network professional!

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