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Self-Study CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker CBT Training Videos

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Price: $1295.00

If you're ready to learn how to hack and to put your hacking skills to good use defending computer systems from attack,in our Security training the CEH CBT will show you how. Becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker is a big responsibility and the CEH training videos will help you learn how to become a professional.

You'll learn from Kenneth Mayer, a Certified Ethical Hacker trainer and leading expert. Mr. Mayer is featured leading classroom training sessions and showing you precise steps and techniques. After viewing the CEH training videos, you'll be ready to head into the virtual lab and get hands-on experience hacking in a simulated environment

The self-study CEH training CD also gives you access to live help through our Live Mentors program. Any time you need help, certified instructors are available for live chats to get you back on track.

Preparing for certification is a big task however the CEH CBT gets the job done in an informative and interactive manner. You'll see the steps and get expert instruction right on your computer screen. Next, you'll do the steps for yourself. You can print out the courseware and study offline.

Use the self-paced EC-Council CEH certification course to learn how to scan, test, and hack your own systems in order to better protect them.

CEH CBT Training Video Features:

  • 16 CD-ROMs featuring live instructor-led classroom sessions with full audio, video and demonstration
  • (Limited time bonus offer: CompTIA Security+ course)
  • Intensive hacking and counter-hacking hands-on demonstration components
  • Step-by-step hands-on-labs
  • Focused on practical solutions to real-world development problems
  • Certification Exam Pass Guarantee
  • Free 1 Year Upgrade Policy


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