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Self-Study CompTIA Linux+ 2005 Training Videos

linux+ training

Price: $495.00

Self Study Source brings the Linux+ CBT to your desktop complete with interactive content, labs, exam simulations and expert-led Linux+ training videos.

This is an incredible training package designed for self-study. By including classroom training sessions on video, you get the benefits of instruction from an expert without the need of going back to school. Your school is in the form or our Linux+ training CD. Simply install the disc and begin.

Choosing a computer based training delivery method is an excellent choice if you want to learn on your own terms. The Linux+ CBT contains interactive components, demonstrations, labs, and practice exam simulators to let you learn by seeing and doing. Our instructors show you the steps and share their techniques.

One of the interesting components of the course is the Live Mentor program. You get 24-7 access to our certified instructors for live chats when you need help. These instructors will help you solve your problems and reach your goals.

Choosing the Linux+ CBT is an excellent way to prepare for certification. Four compact discs take you from A to Z in a fun, interactive environment. The Linux+ training videos add to the experience making certification a sure thing.

Linux+ CBT Training Video Features:

  • 7 CD-ROMs featuring live instructor-led classroom sessions with full audio, video and demonstration components
  • Focused on practical solutions to real-world development problems
  • Certification Exam Pass Guarantee
  • Free 1 Year Upgrade Policy

Package Includes:

  • Linux+ 2005


unlimited it training

CompTIA Linux+ Training Video CBT Features: