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The Microsoft Access training CD and the online Microsoft Access training course both deliver an exceptional learning experience directly to your computer where you will watch instructor-led training videos and interact with a simulated Access environment.

Choose the Microsoft Access CBT if you plan on studying using a single laptop or PC. On the other hand, if you plan on studying from several locations such as your office PC and your home computer, the online Microsoft Access training course is a suitable choice. Either way, you get expert instruction at your fingertips.

Available Microsoft Access Training Videos:

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The Microsoft Access computer based training uses a blend of effective training methods to ensure your success including instructor demos and lectures and interactive technology to reinforce each concept. You'll watch videos and interact with simulated, hands-on labs and animations. These components keep you engaged and teach you how to use the software.

The Microsoft Access CBT covers database design and building, using tables to manage data, working with queries, using forms, and generating reports. It also allows you to explore the MS Access interface even if you don't own a copy of Access.

Use the Microsoft Office training CD's to master basic relational database tasks on your own terms. You set the pace and determine when to study. By using this course, you will learn how to collect information from forms and e-mail as well as how to import data from elsewhere. The course also shows you how to get started by using prebuilt databases and applications and adapt them to meet your needs.

Once you begin using Access, you'll wonder how you ever functioned without it. The program isn't as hard to use as it looks, especially if you've participated in an appropriate training course. The Microsoft Access CBT or the online version of the training will get you started and unlock the hidden power of Microsoft's leading relational database program.

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