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Microsoft Excel is a leading spreadsheet program used in businesses around the world. This application is loaded with features that most users barely understand. However, by not understanding the features and functions, most users are missing out on the power and productivity that is literally at their finger tips.

Self-Study Source’s Microsoft Excel computer based training courses offer you a cost-effective training format designed to get you the MS Excel skills you need to become proficient with the software and more productive on the job. In addition, you can use the Microsoft Excel training CD or online Microsoft Excel training course as a tool as you work your way toward certification.

Available Microsoft Excel Training Videos:

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Instructor-led videos make up the bulk of the Microsoft Excel CBT followed by interactive components that reinforce the topics and give you hands-on practice in a simulated environment. These videos feature expert trainers in full motion video conducting classroom style training sessions. Simply watch and learn. In fact, you get the benefit of the rewind button which is impossible with live classes.

The Microsoft Excel tutorial course brings the instruction to life with a blend of full motion video, hands-on labs, interactive content, and real-world insight from our certified instructors. If certification is your goal, you will find a Microsoft Excel training CD is an excellent tool to help you prepare for your certification exam.

The course covers a variety of Excel functions from creating and formatting spreadsheets to analyzing and sharing information, PivotTables, and charts. When you understand how Excel works, you’ll be amazed at its capabilities. When you understand how to use its capabilities, your boss and co-workers will be amazed at your capabilities! Learn how to use Excel and you will become even more valuable in the workplace. You will be more productive, more organized, and you will understand what the data means as well as how to communicate that data in reports and charts.

No matter which version of Excel you need training in we have a Microsoft Excel CBT that covers that edition. Whether you want to learn Excel 2000 or 2007 you will find an appropriate online Microsoft Excel training course or CD that addresses your particular version.


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