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As a collaboration software program that helps teams work together dynamically and effectively, even if team members work for different organizations, work remotely, or work offline, Office Groove 2007 can be a very valuable program to know. Working with Groove saves time, increases productivity and strengthens the quality of team deliverables. Take our Groove 2007 training course to learn how to master the program and use its features to its maximum potential. With our amazing course, you will learn how to create and manage Workspaces with Office Groove 2007. The Groove 2007 training CD course will also teach you how to share files and project information using the Workspace, as well as enabling effective team communication and collecting information using forms.

You will learn how to manage your team workspace using the Launchbar, Alerts, and managing member access to Workspace content. Finally, with our self-study Groove 2007 computer based training course, you will learn the tips and tricks to get up to speed quickly with this team collaboration environment from Microsoft. Since our course is self-paced and self-guided, you will learn at a pace of your own choosing without having to go to classes. You get to be in full control of your learning experience, making learn fun and assessable to those with busy and hectic schedules since they can learn whenever they have some extra time to spare. All you need to do to take our online Groove 2007 training course is log into your online account from your computer and that is it!

Lively content within our course keeps your interest while the hands-on components give you real experience and allowing you to learn by seeing and doing. Your success depends on seeing the features of the software in action, doing the steps for yourself and reviewing the material as needed.

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