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Self Study Source offers InfoPath training along with many of the other Microsoft Office products in our catalog.One of the products found in the Microsoft Office 2007 family is InfoPath 2007. This program is an information gathering tool that lets you create electronic forms for gathering data through e-mail, web browsers, and mobile devices. Get the most out of your Microsoft Office Training investment by learning how to use this application.

The Microsoft InfoPath 2007 training CD is an excellent, self-directed course that teaches you about InfoPath through a series of classroom style training videos (led by a certified instructor) and hands-on components such as simulations, demos, and labs. This course is also available as the online Microsoft InfoPath 2007 training course. By following either version, you will learn by watching instructor-led videos and practicing creating your own electronic forms in a simulated environment.

The Microsoft InfoPath 2007 CBT installs easily and features an intuitive interface so that you can get started learning about InfoPath. Watch InfoPath 2007 training videos over and over and start and stop at your leisure. This format is perfect for self-paced studies. If you’re the independent type who likes to work at your own pace, you’ll love the control you have over the Microsoft InfoPath 2007 computer based training.

Not only is the Microsoft InfoPath 2007 tutorial courseware convenient and easy to use it is also effective. The video sessions and interactive content reinforce everything covered during the course. When you follow the course the instructor will lead you through each topic. You’ll see the software demonstrated and then have the opportunity to work on hands-on labs and other activities.

Select the Microsoft InfoPath 2007 training CD if you will use a single computer for your studies. If you want to study from several computers such as your home PC and your office computer, select the online Microsoft InfoPath 2007 training course. The online version gives you 24/7 access to the course no matter where you are as long as you have an Internet access.

Learn how to use InfoPath 2007 from an expert instructor without having to read textbooks or attend classes by choosing an effective format, the Microsoft InfoPath 2007 CBT.

Included InfoPath training courses:

  • InfoPath Basic
  • InfoPath Intermediate
  • InfoPath Advanced


Microsoft InfoPath Training Resources:


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Microsoft Infopath 2007 Outline

DVD 1 - Microsoft InfoPath Basic

1.0 InfoPath Basic
1.1 Using the Getting Started Windows
1.2 Interface Over View
1.3 Closing InfoPath 2007

2.0 Interacting with InfoPath
2.1 Using Menus
2.2 Using the Standard Tools
2.3 Using the Formatting Tools
2.4 Using Task Panes


3.0 Customizing InfoPath
3.1 Moving Toolbars
3.2 Hiding and Showing Toolbars
3.3 Creating Toolbars
3.4 Deleting Toolbars
3.5 Modifying Menus
3.6 Resetting Toolbars and Menus


4.0 Basic Editing Commands
4.1 Selecting Objects
4.2 Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
4.3 Undo and Redo
4.4 Resizing Objects
4.5 Moving Objects
4.6 Aligning Controls and Labels


5.0 Text Formatting
5.1 Basic Text Effects
5.2 Changing Text Color
5.3 Changing Font Type and Size
5.4 Aligning Text
5.5 Applying a background color
5.6 Using Color Schemes


6.0 Working with Files
6.1 Saving Files
6.2 Opening Files
6.3 Switching Between Open Files
6.4 Windows Controls
6.5 Closing Files


DVD 2 - Microsoft Infopath Intermediate

1.0 Getting Started with Forms
1.1 Choosing a form
1.2 Form Tasks
1.3 Creating a New Form
1.4 Searching for Templates


2.0 Designing a Form
2.1 Using the Design a Form Window
2.2 Using the Design Task Pane
2.3 Setting the Layout
2.4 Using the Tables Toolbar


3.0 Working with Basic Forms
3.1 Opening a Form
3.2 Understanding the Form
3.3 Entering Data
3.4 Saving your Form


4.0 Finishing your form
4.1 Using Controls
4.2 Using Data Sources
4.3 Switching Controls
4.4 Running the Design Checker
4.5 How to Protect a form
4.6 Using Security Levels
4.7 Testing a Form
4.8 Publishing to a Shared Network


5.0 Printing and Viewing Forms
5.1 Opening the Views Task Pane
5.2 Creating a View
5.3 Choosing a View
5.4 Creating a Print Version


6.0 Using Print Preview and Print
6.1 Opening Print Preview
6.2 Using Print Preview
6.3 Using the Zoom Feature
6.4 Navigating Print Preview
6.5 Printing Commands
6.6 Setting Printer Options
6.7 Copies and Print Ranges


DVD 3 - Microsoft Infopath Advanced

1.0 Tab Overview
1.1 Opening the View Properties Dialogue
1.2 Using the General Tab
1.3 Using the Text Settings Tab
1.4 Using the Print Settings Tab
1.5 Using the Page Setup Tab

2.0 Working with Data
2.1 About XML Schemas
2.2 Using Data Bindings
2.3 Adding Resource Files
2.4 Managing Data Connections

3.0 Other Office Features
3.1 Importing a form from Word
3.2 Importing a form from Excel
3.3 Publishing a Form by Email
3.4 Editing Forms After Publishing

4.0 Templates
4.1 Anatomy of a Form Template
4.2 Editing an Existing Template
4.3 Inserting Images