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One of the less known Microsoft Office programs is an electronic notebook program called OneNote 2007. This program provides an electronic workspace that you can use to organize all of your files related to a particular project. Just like a paper notebook, the interface features tabbed sections that you can use to group related projects. For example, if you want a section to store all of your notes, screen clippings, links, and recordings related to a specific topic, you can create a section dedicated to that topic. Creating, organizing, and sharing your notes using this application is easy once you have the proper training.

The Microsoft OneNote 2007 training CD offers an excellent overview of the software and features an expert instructor in full motion video. This course is also available as the online Microsoft OneNote 2007 training course. Either version is perfect for self-directed learning. Simply log on to the OneNote courseware and work at your own pace.

The Microsoft OneNote 2007 training and the online course also contain hands-on activities and simulated labs to reinforce the learning through actual experience. You can learn how to use the program even if you don’t have OneNote installed on your computer because the crystal clear videos and the simulated environment give you a complete experience. You’ll see the steps demonstrated by a certified instructor and then you’ll be able to work in the simulated environment trying out the steps for yourself.

This blend of expert instruction, high-quality video, and hands-on practice make the Microsoft OneNote 2007 computer based training an effective way to learn. Instead of going to classes, you work on your computer at your own pace. Watch the video segments as often as you need to make sure you understand each topic.

Select the Microsoft OneNote 2007 CBT or enroll in the online Microsoft OneNote 2007 tutorial course and learn the ins and outs of using OneNote - on your terms. Traditional computer classes require your regular attendance and cost a great deal. The Microsoft OneNote 2007 training CD doesn’t require a regular schedule and it costs a fraction of traditional computer training. You simply can’t go wrong learning how to use OneNote with the Microsoft OneNote 2007 CBT.

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