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Microsoft Outlook is a comprehensive communications tool that allows you to manage both time and information as well as connect with others from one unified application. From managing e-mail messages to sharing your calendar across your organization and keeping track of all of your tasks, MS Outlook is an invaluable tool for any working professional. Learn how to use all of the features the easy way by using the Microsoft Outlook training CD or enrolling in the online Microsoft Outlook training course.

Learning is easy because you watch instructor-led training videos and then practice in simulated labs. By blending video based and computer based training components, the course creates a remarkable learning experience. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your next session rather than dreading go to night classes. With the Microsoft Outlook CBT installed on your computer, you can learn whenever time allows. Simply launch the courseware and master the next topic.

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Self-paced studies traditionally were limited to study guides, textbooks, and correspondence courses. Thanks to multimedia technology and the Internet you have more exciting options. The Microsoft Outlook computer based training course puts you in charge of the schedule and the pace. If you want to review a topic or re-watch the videos, you can do so without worrying about being behind the curve. The Microsoft Outlook CBT also accommodates faster learners who want to go through the training at a faster speed.

The Microsoft Outlook training CD and the online Microsoft Outlook training course cover the entire Outlook experience from sending and receiving e-mail messages, working with the calendar, sharing information, managing tasks, and basic contact management to advanced Outlook skills.

Start by watching full motion video featuring an expert instructor who knows Outlook inside and out. You’ll see each step clearly demonstrated and hear discussions as to the theory behind each task. After learning about the functions and features of Outlook, you can begin hands-on exercises and work in a simulated Outlook environment. These simulations and hands-on labs give you practical experience even if you don’t have a copy of Outlook installed on your computer. Use the Microsoft Outlook CBT or online course to take charge of your productivity, communications, and time management on the job.

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