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Now is a terrific time to finally master Microsoft PowerPoint. This application allows you to create high-impact presentations and computer slide shows to communicate your message. Whether you need to put together a sales presentation or present your company’s annual report to stockholders, having PowerPoint training and experience under your belt ensures that your presentation will be professional looking and dynamic.

You can get the training and hands-on experience required by following the Microsoft PowerPoint training CD or enrolling in the online Microsoft PowerPoint training course. A certified instructor leads you through the PowerPoint course in the form of full motion video sessions. This means that you get the best of classroom instruction (and the ability to rewind and re-watch the sessions) without the travel requirements and expense.

Available Microsoft PowerPoint Training Videos:

Microsoft Powerpoint Resources:

The Microsoft PowerPoint CBT is perfect for self-directed studies. You can learn at your own pace and focus on the topics that mean the most to you. The Microsoft PowerPoint computer based training covers the PowerPoint environment, creating presentations, formatting text, adding graphics and objects, modifying graphics, adding tables, inserting charts, and delivering the presentation.

As you participate in the training, you’ll find a variety of interactive components on the Microsoft PowerPoint CBT. For example, simulated labs, hands-on activities, demos, and videos all work together to give you both expert-led instruction as well as hands-on experience using PowerPoint – even if you don’t have a copy of PowerPoint on your PC!

The Microsoft PowerPoint training CD installs on your computer where all learning takes place. Simply launch the courseware and learn how to use PowerPoint when you are in the mood to learn. If you prefer to access the course from several locations, the online Microsoft PowerPoint training course allows you to do so.

Both the online course and the Microsoft PowerPoint tutorial are loaded wit h instruction and interactive tasks making learning convenient, fun, and effective. Once you have completed the course, you will be ready to take on PowerPoint and put your new skills to work. You’ll be able to create professional looking presentations that will wow your audience and convey your message.

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