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Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 Training Tutorial Videos

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Price: $349.00

Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 allows you to build efficient solutions faster than ever before without having to write code. With SharePoint Designer you can: automate business processes, create data tracking applications and forms, build advanced ASP.NET pages, create and maintain websites, and much more – if you know what you are doing. Get the training you need to master the SharePoint Designer software by enrolling in the online Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 training course or selecting the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 training CD from Self-Study Source.

These learning solutions address the training dilemma that many busy professionals face: too much to learn but too little time. Instead of signing up for lengthy classes, use the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 CBT and learn at your leisure. This option gives you the flexibility you need in order to squeeze in this essential training.

When you choose Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 computer based training, you are choosing a method that delivers high-quality instruction directly to your computer! The full motion video sessions feature an expert instructor who will show you how to use SharePoint Designer to maximum effect. You’ll see demos and you will be able to interact with the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 CBT’s simulated environment.

Hands-on labs and activities, multimedia, interactive content, demos, animations, simulations, and instructor-led video all work together to create a comprehensive course that covers the ins and outs of using SharePoint Designer.

The online Microsoft SharePoint Designer training course works in much the same way as the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 training CD only instead of installing the courseware on your computer, you access it by going online. This gives you the flexibility of studying from multiple locations. For example, you may want to study during your lunch hour at work and then again after dinner at home. With the online course, you can study from any Internet-connected computer.

If you need to learn how to use SharePoint Designer, one of the best ways to master the software is by choosing the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 tutorial. You’ll learn with the help of a certified instructor and engaging content.


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