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Our Word 2007 training CD course will teach the users to create, edit, and format documents. The course also educates the users to apply styles and templates and add graphics, sections, and columns to Word document, as well as covering how to create and format tables, page layouts, and proofing, printing, and managing documents. Knowing how to successfully work with word beyond just the basics can either make or break your career. Upon upgrading to the new version, you'll immediately see that things have changed. Forget about getting frustrated trying to learn all the new features and enhancements on your own since our Word 2007 training CD course can teach you everything you need to know to master it through innovative learning strategies that are both fun and informative.

With our course, you will not only learn what is new with the program, but also how to maximize your software to your advantage. With our self-study Word 2007 computer based training (CBT) course, you will be able to see the course in action via instructor-led, full-motion training videos. After following the detailed instructions from our subject matter experts, you will then be able to put you newfound knowledge to work and perform the tasks yourself in our Word 2007 simulated environment so that you get familiar with the program. The Word 2007 training CD course also features animations, discussions, demos, quizzes and assessments to track and monitor your progress and so much more. Instead of just reading from a boring book, our course allows you to learn by seeing and doing, which is much more interesting and fun.

Save time having to attend class at an offsite location since our course is self-paced and self-guided and completely done from your computer. The best thing about learning from us is that you get to be in charge of your learning experience.

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