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Few companies in the last few decades have enjoyed as much success as has Microsoft, and this mammoth company enjoys an incredibly large market share in the world of computer operating systems. In addition, Microsoft enjoys a real dominance in the world of the office productivity suite, and for many years Microsoft Office has been the de facto choice for many companies, from the smallest home businesses to the largest enterprises.

While this is certainly great news for Microsoft, it can also be good news for you. The ubiquitous nature of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, in all its variations and releases, means that there continues to be a real need for workers who are skilled at using these powerful products to their full potential. Each program within the Microsoft Office universe, from Word and Excel to Power Point and Outlook, have literally thousands of features, and most office workers take advantage of only a tiny fraction of these features.

By harnessing the power of these untapped features, office workers will be able enjoy enhanced productivity and increased job satisfaction, and their managers may even be able to see more profitability and less wasted time.

What all this means to the average worker is that the demand for highly trained and specialized Microsoft Office training is likely to continue for some time. As long as Microsoft continues to enjoy its present dominance in the world of desktop applications, there is likely to be a need for workers with an intimate understanding of these complex and powerful programs. The programs that make up the Microsoft Office productivity suite are among the most widely used and widely respected in the industry, and many hiring managers specifically look for these skills when making hiring decisions. So why not look into the world of Microsoft Office training today and see what it has to offer?

The self-paced Microsoft Office training videos we offer are able to provide the best in classroom training without the hassle and expense of traveling long hours and adjusting to rigorous classroom schedules. If you want to learn Microsoft Office at your own pace, this self paced training is for you.