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Great self-study CBT training software delivers focused content on all fronts, fulfilling the training requirements necessary to improve the technical level of its students. Physically attending a classroom, fending traffic, conflicting scheduling, impending deadlines . . . extracurricular lessons shouldn’t involve stressful situations. Computer Based Training (CBT) educational systems are the new, improved and satisfying method of learning new material, enhancing your current skills or cross training into a whole new arena. Why create stressful conditions when a self-paced CBT allows you to learn in small nuggets?

You need to prepare for a new career. A new job position will soon become available. What is the most successful method to accomplish your desires? CBT training software in the area of your chosen profession efficiently and affordably handles your requests. Management requires a higher level of training from the office staff and support personnel. Or you are concerned about being downsized and career advancement into a new area will mean job security, more financial rewards, and an innovative and exciting approach to your current tasks. IT training solutions satisfy all of the above. Preparing to graduate from high school or other educational institute? Our CBT direct training for Schools fill the empty areas, supporting and rounding out your current studies, preparing you to hit the ground running as you impressively enter the workforce. Have rumors of impending layoffs surfaced in the workplace? A well timed session of CBT training software augments your resume and your credentials in the minds of departments seeking to hire new and competent talent.

Federal career paths strictly adhere to government regulations when security and technical expertise is a high requirement. CBT Training for Government positions and certifications satisfying the compliance of Department of Defense directive 8570 and the Federal Information Security Management Act insure employees are following legal conformity. Our CBT Training for Government installations also satisfy state and local facilities of government as well. CBT training software cannot be overlooked when your self-study efforts are crucial to the advancement of your livelihood and your job performance abilities.

Self-Study-Source is your one stop shop for the latest in self study guides and other training materials. The products and services we offer provide a myriad of ways for students to keep up in the ever changing world of IT. Our offerings include the following:

Intranet Delivery

Many companies have begun to harness the awesome power of their companies intranets, and Self-Study-Source is here to make that intranet experience even more powerful. Our powerful network training capabilities include the ability to provide on demand access to our award winning content through the organization’s intranet. The content is loaded on a server where it is made available to all users on the network. This network based solution provides business owners and IT managers the flexibility they need to train their staff efficiently, without sacrificing key people or impacting productivity.


The Self-Study-Source line of CD-ROMs help to integrate the best in video instruction with the power of hands on exercises and real world learning through the included lab exercises. These CD-ROMs make use of the latest in digital video, bringing the power and personality of the live instructor to the privacy of your home or office. The interactive format of the CD-ROM instruction also provides valuable real world lessons that will be useful on the job. This format also allows plenty of room for additional features such as interactive lab exercises and questions, and a handy course outline and glossary is included as well.


DVD training is on of the most powerful learning tools offered by Self-Study-Source, and the DVDs we offer provide some of the most powerful and most flexible training available anywhere. Users of the DVD program are able to work at their own pace, and to repeat lessons as needed. One of the best things about DVD training, of course, is the fact that it can be utilized anywhere a DVD player is available, whether it is a training room, a home computer, or even a laptop at the beach. This study format is able to deliver the latest in high quality training at a fraction of what others charge. Our unique “Learn from the Experts” teaching techniques harness the skills and knowledge of industry experts and provide much needed real world experience from respected professionals in the IT field. These DVDs are like having a group of respected and accomplished IT professionals in your living room as you learn.

These unique training solutions are the perfect choice for a wide variety of individuals and organizations, including: